Fairy Falls pt. 2

Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by nature.
— George Harrison

This quote kind of sums up everything that this trip to Fairy Falls and the potential for more adventures is all about. I live quite close to the city centre and with all the traffic, people, and buildings, it gets a bit much sometimes. I want to have lots of day trips where I'm out of the city. You can find me in a forest, or at a beach! 

You can learn so much from nature, and it can give you a complete refresh if you're feeling down. It can inspire you, and motivate you to be more creative. Being frequently overwhelmed by nature can improve your mood drastically, or at least it can for me. Forests especially seem more quiet, peaceful, meditative compared to the city. Go out into nature and experience the zen-like feeling it will give you! And do this with friends - it makes it so much more fun.

TravelCait Rammy