Fairy Falls pt. 3

Over a year ago I went to a place called Fairy Falls in the Waitakere Ranges (Auckland) with Britney. We took the walk down to the first viewing point at the top of the falls, taking lots of photos along the way and walked back up. Today I went back with my flatmate. The weather wasn't too hot and it was just a nice, relaxing walk to the bottom of the falls. I think this place is definitely worth the walk. The next two viewing points are beautiful.

We had seen on the map at the start that if we kept walking we would get to the end of the track (wouldn't just have to turn back the way we came). We thought where we would end up would be the same road which had the carpark on it. It was not. Turns out it was a completely different road. We weren't sure what to do and we really didn't want to be walking on the side of a narrow road all the way back. Next to the track we had come from there was one called Old Coach Rd which you can get access to from the start of the Fairy Falls track. Still unsure if taking this route was better than going back via the falls. It's pretty much uphill - like really uphill - for half an hour and then another 20 minutes that aren't as bad. I mean, it was good exercise and all but not what I expected when we decided to go to Fairy Falls.

It was nice to get out of the city and into nature for the first time in ages. It's just a shame about Auckland that it takes at least a half hour drive to get anywhere like this.

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