Into The Sea I Went


Location: Muriwai/Young Nick's Head, Gisborne 

Time of Day: Early afternoon 

Weather: Blue skies, quite warm

Mood: Curious 

Camera/Lens: Canon 5D MKII + 24-105mm f/4  

Reason for going: Walk with my Mum 

Interesting part of the adventure: Unfortunately a few bits of glass were needed to be picked up, as well as someone's lost jumper lying in the shallows 

Collected: One shell 

First swim of the summer! Jokes, it's winter, and I only went into the point where my jumpsuit is rolled up to. It was very cold but very refreshing. I haven't gone for a swim in the ocean for a long time. When I'm back here in summer I'm definitely going to try go for more dips - when the water is much warmer.

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