•*Roaming Light-Bearers, a poem by Ranko Radojevic * 

Along the desolate yet vivid tracks, 

Stretching through whispering wilderness, 

With few dear things on our backs, 

and a yearning for freedom to confess. 


Amidst the steel, the wood, the rocks, 

Wind and encouraging nature's vibes, 

Iron highway's building blocks, 

Pointing towards far, liberated tribes. 


Intersection of worlds, fairytale pathways, 

Merging the storylines of daring wayfarers, 

Along the tracks under moon's luminous phase, 

Lay the impressions of the roaming light-bearers.


I found this poem this morning that I thought went well with the photos I took of my candles last night. One is a himalayan salt candle holder, and the other a tin candle from urban outfitters. Lighting candles at night makes me happy, and I wish that I had more.

Cait Rammy