Pt. 3 Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve

Here are some more photos I took at the reef yesterday. I didn't realise that the marine reserve extends up the coast much further than where I had been before. Which means there is more to explore! Though I am wanting to snorkel at some other reefs this summer too.

Yesterday was a bit of an adventure. We originally tried to go at the other end but conditions weren't good enough for clear views let alone photography. So the section we ended up at is just slightly down the beach from my usual spot. I had originally wanted for this post to be accompanied by a video of this beautiful underwater environment. Unfortunately, the footage ended up being quite out of focus (which was very disappointing). However, I have come to some conclusions about the reason for that. Hopefully next time I can get better footage. There are some more photos to come but potentially not for awhile after... I rinsed my camera with fresh water and left it on the top of the car to dry and forgot about it. It now has a major crack and half the screen is distorted.

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