More Than Just Photographs

I've posted a lot of photos from Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve on this blog from last summer. You might be bored of them now but these photos are the originals. I thought I would share the story of how they were really the start of my love for art that wasn't just photography. I took these in April, 2012 - my last year of high school. I was so surprised when I went through them after getting out of the water. The colours, shapes and textures were unbelievable! I hadn't expected it at all, as from what I can remember the reef didn't exactly look this incredible through my eyes. Though it was awhile ago and I believe the marine reserve was a lot healthier than my most recent trips. I was a real amateur photographer (probably still am) and to produce something like this made me feel... well, I don't know what it made me feel. Happy? Inspired? Proud? I'd always loved underwater photographs and to have produced my own set felt really good. When I started my final project for my painting class, I used these images as a reference. I was so inspired by Yellena James, whose work felt truly special to me - resembling the sea and the beautiful chaos that is a coral reef.

My final painting project was 3 A0 panels in which each painting (or set of paintings) was a development of the previous. I never thought I was good at drawing but I did a detailed pencil one that seemed pretty well done from my point of view. I struggled with development but everything on this board seemed to flow. I felt like I knew what I was doing. I wish I had photos of it to show you but I'm not sure where they went and I gave it to the school as an example for future students. Even with 4 years of art school under my belt, I don't think I've ever been so proud of something I've created. Part of my second panel were photos of an installation I did. Bringing the shapes into 3D form - I do still have those photos so I've attached them at the end of this post. Every time I look at these images I remember how excited I was about art and how I haven't felt that inspired in a long time.

Installation photographs:

ArtCait Rammy