crashing, again


Grandparent's forest, taken on a disposable camera

I completely crashed the other day. The morning was all sunshine and good vibes. The afternoon came with a horrible headache and a confusing exhaustion. I'd been feeling so good for a while that it seemed to come completely out of the blue. I lay down to hopefully ease the pain in my head and took an unintentional nap for a few hours. I couldn't eat dinner later that evening. Feeling that exhausted took me back to my worst days. Days consecutively spent in bed. I'm willing to blame dehydration for the collapse but it really felt like my head was spinning in a different way. It was strange. The following day the curtains didn't open and I didn't get out of bed. That seems to be the way it goes for me - if I crash I need at least one following day in bed to recover. It leaves me feeling disappointed in myself for not being able to snap out of it quicker. I'm back on track now, so I'm not worried about that lost time anymore. 

Cait Rammy