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Happy New Year! In 2018 I'm hoping to share more of creative endeavours and making process on My photographs will still be appearing in sets in their own section of the site, and here on my journal I'll be sharing what I'm making with some thoughts here and there. I'm the kind of maker who wants to make lots of different things, explore all the areas I'm interested in. That is what I'm doing, and that is what you'll come to see on this blog.

Here is the first little update on what I've been making recently. This post is all about my ceramics that were made over a couple of months. This is the best of the stuff I've made from my first round of making. I created a variety of things (many of which you won't see here) in order to figure out what I like making and what actually works. It means that in the next round, I'll have a much better idea of what I'm doing and I'll waste less materials doing it.


These trinket dishes are inspired by the sea, a shape I first created in 2014. I can't remember the exact reference but the design has stuck with me. I used PW20 (white clay) and were worked on multiple times as they dried. I think the sea urchin glaze (green) works well with this shape because of the sea inspiration. The hokey pokey glaze though is also just so beautiful. I'm not sure of the future of these shapes but I think I'll continue making these as they're quite fun. I also made a semi circle version (kind of looks like a half sun), mainly because a full one broke and that was how I saved it. It's quite cute though so I might make more of those (not pictured because I gifted it to someone).


I was in a plate making mood and decided to make a set of 3 in white raku and PW20. I probably won't make them again however - it was quite hard and not all that successful. I much prefer the raku plates on the left with a hokey pokey glaze because they look like toast with melted butter. For some reason I thought I'd read that the green glaze was foodsafe (even though it's matte) but it's not, so the plates on the right aren't as functional as I was hoping they would be. I might use them for the bottom of plant pots.


Using leftover PW20 clay I made a couple of plates and bowls. I have a lot of sea glass from my Scotland trip and decided to imprint them into the clay (that's what the coloured shapes on the left are). I am most excited about this idea. I tested this idea with the glazes I have but in the next round it will be more successful. I have some stains in a wider range of colours to paint the shapes with. They might look more like sea glass! The dish on the right is quite random - one of the last things I made with the leftover PW20 clay. It has hokey pokey glaze on the flat, and clear around the edges and the effect of that is really nice.

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